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About Stephanie Astor Aesthetics

Stephanie has practiced as a Registered Nurse since 2005. During her 15 years as an RN, she has developed a deep passion for wellness, prevention, healthy lifestyles, and the art and science of anti-aging solutions.

Stephanie is committed to helping people feel confident and energetic so they can bring their best selves to the world every day. She also has a deep passion for natural-looking results, restoring and enhancing facial features that have changed with the aging process. Stephanie joined the Eden Prairie Life Time MediSpa in April of 2022. Eden Prairie Life Time has been where she practices her love of fitness and has built relationships with so many incredible people over the past 7 years.

Unlock a rejuvenated, youthful appearance with Stephanie Astor Aesthetics. We specialize in a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments including Botox, neurotoxins, and facial fillers. We also proudly offer personalized anti-aging care plans, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual we serve. Established by Stephanie Astor, a renowned aesthetic practitioner, our clinic has become a trusted destination for clients seeking to enhance their natural beauty while defying the hands of time. Stephanie's passion for aesthetics and commitment to her clients' satisfaction are fundamental to our ethos. At Stephanie Astor Aesthetics, we understand that each face is unique. That's why we adopt an individualized approach to improve facial balance, correct imperfections, and replace volume — all while enhancing your intrinsic beauty. We conduct a comprehensive full facial assessment to pinpoint your specific improvement areas for targeted, highly effective treatments.  

We are single-mindedly dedicated to delivering results that not only meet but surpass your expectations. Our anti-aging and rejuvenation plans are designed to keep you looking fresh and feeling confident, now and for years to come. We believe in the transformative power of aesthetic treatments, not just in enhancing your physical appearance but also boosting your self-esteem. With every touch and treatment, it's our mission to help you feel the very best version of yourself. Let our experienced team guide your journey toward a revitalized youthful appearance at Stephanie Astor Aesthetics, your trusted partner in beauty, balance, and confidence.

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• Advanced cosmetic aesthetic procedures to include: Daxxify®, Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm® portfolio,
Restylane® portfolio, Sculptra®, and Kybella® and Platelet-rich Plasma therapies
• Personalized Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare

• Certified Injection Specialist since 2021
• Registered Nurse since 2005

• Injection Specialist Apprenticeship, 2022
• International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses Advanced Cadaver Lab Completion, 2022
• Allergan Medical Institute AMI Accelerate Training, 2022
• Texas Laser Institute Neurotoxin and facial filler training, 2021
• Minnesota State University Moorhead Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2021 Graduated with Honors
• North Hennepin Community College Associate of Science in Nursing, 2005 Graduated with Honors
• Member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Stephanie Astor Aesthetics Launches Personalized Anti-Aging Care Plans for a Rejuvenated Appearance

Stephanie Astor Aesthetics, a leading provider of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, is excited to announce its expansion into personalized anti-aging care plans. These plans are tailored to meet individual needs and offer clients the opportunity to achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Already renowned for expertise in Botox, neurotoxins, and facial fillers, Stephanie Astor Aesthetics has earned a reputation for providing exceptional services to clients seeking to enhance their natural beauty. In addition to these cutting-edge treatments, the company is committed to offering the highest quality care and ongoing support through customized full facial assessments. These assessments are designed to identify specific areas for improvement, such as balance, volume replacement, and correction. The dedicated team of professionals at Stephanie Astor Aesthetics will then develop an anti-aging care plan that directly addresses the client's concerns and delivers lasting results. Stephanie Astor, is an experienced aesthetic practitioner with a passion for helping clients achieve their desired results. Upon the company's expansion, she expressed her enthusiasm for the new services: "Our goal is to provide clients with personalized treatment plans that not only help them look great but also empower them to feel confident and self-assured." By offering comprehensive anti-aging care plans, Stephanie Astor Aesthetics aims to enhance clients' natural beauty while boosting self-esteem. With attentive service and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, the company has positioned itself as a prominent player in the aesthetics industry. To learn more about the personalized anti-aging care plans and book a consultation, potential clients should visit the Stephanie Astor Aesthetics website or call the clinic directly. 

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